Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lipstick that stays on forever

I came back with billions apologies and a few pic to show!
First of all, I am really, really sorry for being silent! As I told you before, I got a new job and then I found another, so right now I'm working in multiple places that include russian magazine "Bolshoy gorod" ("Big city"), the vintage-repro shop I posted about and something for my dancing club. I also started to dance from 4 to 6 times a week instead of 2, which means that I am terribly busy with all the work and all the dances.
I hope I will be able to write more, especially because there are so many different vintage books and magazines in the place I work now!
But today I want to tell you about a WONDERFUL lipstick. Here it is on me:
It's L'Oreal Infallible Duo Lipstick, the color I'm wearing is called Irrestible Raspberry. It is a very rich berry color that I like very much. But the color isn't the best about this lipstick.
The best thing about it is its durability (this is how you call it in English?). On the photo above I'm wearing it for sixth hour after eating and drinking for three or four times.
Here's how it looks in a tube (photo's not mine):
It consists of two tubes, colored and white. First you apply color and then coat it with translucent balm from white tube. And then...bam! Your lipstick stays on for hours and hours without disappearing a bit! It doesn't even dry lips that hard which is very important for my sensible lips. Three hours in any Revlon or Mac lipstick – and I have a dry monster where I had my mouth. Eight (that's right, EIGHT!) hours in this babe – only slightly dry! I am impressed!
Of course, this lipstick has some peculiarities. First of all, until you applied the balm from white tube, it is very sticky and – yes, lips stick to each other. As a result, small pieces of color from one lip can migrate to another. Be careful with that! Second, you have to apply it on totally clean lips, without lip balm or anything. Here's what I do: before using it, I apply my lip balm and let it moisturize my lips for, like, five minute. Then I wipe it off and take my lipstick.
That's actually all – I think, I'll buy myself a few different colors. Or many, many, many different colors of this lipstick.
Hope it was helpful!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Trees and birdhouses

When we were in Kuskovo with Harlow, she took some great photo of me. So now you can see how I loved trees in Kuskovo :D
 This dress is one of my absolute favorites, it is amazingly comfortable and, thanks to the decor, looks great with orange and yellow. I bought it at Lambada market, and, unfortunately, I'm not sure about designer that made it, or I would totally buy more.

We also saw this amazing birdhouse that looked just like the real Hollandaise house in Kuskovo! Kuskovo in general is an amazing place and I was so thankful to Harlow for showing it to me. Some time ago she made an amazing post about it, which you can see here.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pin me up

Yesterday at Camaieu (how the heck do you pronounce it?!) I bought those shorts and this shirt and suddenly, with a tattoo, I felt like pin up girl, something like this:

Those two pics are by Enoch Bolles

This one is googled

I know that they're probably not high-waisted enough but I still like them very much. As I don't have a lot of pants or shorts (to be exact, one jeans and one overall) these were the perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. Nice!
Do you like shorts? And, by the way, who's your favorite pin up painter? Mine is obviously Enoch Bolles :D

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Recent stuff: job, friends, tattoo

I know I haven't been blogging for some time and I'm really sorry about it! The thing is that I found a job. I started to work in a vintage-repro & american designers shop (or something like that) in Moscow called "Lady May", and, being unused to a saleswoman work, I was terribly tired all the time this week. The greatest thing about this job is that I get to try on all the stunning dresses.
Here's my favorite, by Samantha Sung:
 And I also like this belt-slash-corset thingy. Although it's terribly hard to breathe in it, I can't even imagine how women wore real corsets back in the days!
 I also had lots of great time with my dearest friends. On the picture below you can see beautiful flowers that my mom raised at dacha, amazing tea made from marigold petals and called "Friendship tea" (how cool is that?!) and vegan cupcakes made by me. They were quite tasty, may I say!

One of the brightest events of this week was my meeting with wonderful Harlow from Vintage at Heart. We went to Kuskovo and then saw a great exhibit about fashion in 19th and 20th centuries. Unfortunately, I don't have any photos except for those two, so all the hopes on Harlow :D
I literally had to buy these cookies for our little picnic. I like this red dress with white dots!
And Kuskovo is amazing, such a wonderful place. I have to go there more often!

 And here's the last but not least: I have a tattoo now! I'm so excited! Like, I look at it every five minutes and get excited! It didn't even hurt that much. It is a peony and I think I turned out just beautiful. What do you think?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Petticoat and victory rolls

I finally bought a petticoat! All my full skirts look so much better with it!
Here's what I wore yesterday:

And I also finally got a grasp on victory rolls! I'm the happiest vintage girl! I tried to do them for a very long time but they always turned out...okay, but not perfect. And yesterday they were just what I wanted!
What helped me the most was Kawaii Mama's tutorial...and a thousand times trying! :D

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vintage magazine and vintage sewing book

In this post I want to show you a part of my tiny teeny vintage books and magazines collection. I have two magazines and two sewing books, yes, I know, that's why I said it was tiny! :)

The magazine is 1962 from USSR and was bought in a vintage store in Moscow.

The story about this book is rather long. A few days ago I spotted a vintage sewing book on a market near metro. It needs some explanation: we don't have a variety of vintage shops here, in Moscow. But near my metro station often stand old ladies with something they want to sell. It's not organized in any way and you can probably see there anything. Mostly it's just old toys and ugly worn clothes, but sometimes there are real treasures!

For example, I saw there a 1960s sewing book that was almost untouched and then...I bought a sixties USSR dress! I have to tell you that USSR was always late in fashion terms because of difficult relationships with other countries, especially USA, so USSR sixties are practically like fifties everywhere else. I will show you this dress later, because I don't have any good photos at the moment.
I am always so jealous of american vintage girls telling how they buy forties dresses for $10, because in Moscow forties dresses are a) extremely rare; b) rather expensive, normally around $150-200 for a very simple dress. So I felt just extremely proud of myself for buying both the book and the dress for 500 rubles which is around $15. I also took his woman's phone number because she said that she had more! We'll see how it will turn out, but I'm excited!

So, back to the vintage pictures. They are under the cut, enjoy!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I love making lists, especially if they involve something vintage, something pretty and something funny. So...here's my list: top-5 of my favorite vintage ads! All the pictures are not mine and the source can be found on my Pinterest.

This dress, worn with a pearl necklace, is gorgeous and so casually glamourous. I love it!

I love those shorts, especially with this shirt. So practical and yet stylish!

The dress...oh, the dress. It's perfect, just perfect.

What I like best about this ad is her posture – so elegant yet flirty. And her girdle seems to be comfortable!

Her hair is wonderful and I love the colors, magenta looks amazing with blue dress and red lipstick.  

What do you think? Do you have favorite vintage ads?